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@itsakirby’s book release for This Is Where I Get Off at his own @knifeforkbook in Kensington Market, blowing minds (and more), reminding a room full of people spanning worlds & generations why he’s so beloved of them all, myself among those lucky to have crossed tracks with this most encouraging, sincere and feel-good diamond of a man. Beneath the laundry list of bacchanal (mesmerizing to the most denied voyeur) it serves as both a tender eulogy for a bygone Toronto (and Anywhere) and a remedy for a sexually terrified, polarized, loveless and re-repressed 2019, absolutely unprotected in word and deed. Much love, Kirby. #jeffkirby #thisiswhereigetoff #queerpoetry #permanentsleeppress #torontonightlife *Find TIWIGO at Knife Fork Book or see @permanentsleeppress, who killed it again with this one.

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“KIRBY’S THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF IS A GLORY WHOLE!” — Jessica Joy Hiemstra, The Holy Nothing


A glorious rampage through glory holes to holy glory, This Is Where I Get Off is an incandescent trip through time and place. With singing rage, ferocious wit, sly tenderness, and defiant heart, these poems kick against the pricks, even as they worship what wounds. This collection cuts through convention to command attention, a triumphant “fuck you” to unfeeling. Sublimely smutty, these poems make radiant the particular pain of gay lust in a world that denies its existence. Love is not obscene, bodies are beauty, and belonging can be found even in the back row of an adult cinema. “Can you imagine all she’s lived through?” Kirby questions, then answers by blowing open all closets, tossing skeletons aside to two-step on the bones.

 ROXANNA BENNETT, author of Unmeaningable and Unseen Garden

This Is Where I Get Off isn’t the work of a mere debutante, but a lived-in and unflinchingly rendered poetic treatise on life, love, and survival from one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Get in, take a tour of Kirby’s temples, and get off!

  – JIM JOHNSTONE, editor of The Next Wave: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry.

Part memoir and part adventure, This is Where I Get Off  is a debut collection as exciting as a treasure map where ‘‘X’ marks multiple spots. Kirby’s poems pay homage to yesterday’s lost temples and make space for new ones, celebrating our secrets and our bodies as sites for sacred ritual. Provocative, erotic, vulnerable, and liberating, Kirby lights a match, and stands in the heat of the fire. 

– DAVID JAMES BROCK, author of Everyone is CO2 and Ten-Headed Alien

I read Kirby’s This Is Where I Get Off  with awe, envy, amazement. And then I read it again, for the love that resides everywhere here…and here I say to the author, love is the very wonder of you.

– from the forward by LYNN CROSBIE, author of CHICKEN and LIAR

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